Harsh Realities of the Game Industry — Part 3

Harsh Reality #5: Crunch time happens

Harsh Reality #6: Losing your job is common

A bit about why this happens

  • What product should they make?
  • Is the funding adequate to make the product?
  • Do they understand enough about the process of making games in order to use the assets efficiently?
  • Are the leaders making smart decisions about how to use the time, money, and resources they do have?
  • Can they focus on a single product and see it through to completion, or do they change course every time a new industry trend appears?
  • Do they understand how to plan for success, ensuring that they can complete development using the funds they have?
  • Have they hired the right people for key roles? (This is a big one, especially for the department leads. Hire the wrong person for your technical director and you may have a game that cannot perform well or technology that doesn’t fit the game type. Hire the wrong person for your creative lead and you may have a development team plagued with lots of drama, little organization and poor decision-making. Things like this can kill a project, and there goes your job.)



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Christine Brownell

Christine Brownell

Director of Design @ Media Molecule. Opinions are my own.