Harsh Realities of the Game Industry — Part 2

Harsh Reality #3: Many games are not successful

Harsh Reality #4: Some games never launch

  • Maybe the idea was solid, but the team didn’t have the skills or experience to execute on the plan at a high enough quality level.
  • Maybe the team was hindered by poor tools that didn’t let them build the game they envisioned.
  • Maybe the team lost their key programmer or designer partway through development and couldn’t find another fast enough, causing them to fall far behind schedule.
  • Maybe the goals of the Creative Director were too lofty at the start and the game just wasn’t achievable in the time they had.
  • Maybe there wasn’t a clear enough vision when the project began, so there were a lot of false starts, complete revamps, and design-by-committee, keeping the project from proceeding on course.



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Christine Brownell

Christine Brownell

Director of Design @ Media Molecule. Opinions are my own.